Top 25 FACTZ of the Week

What a whirlwind week of glory. Here are the Top 25 viral FACTZ from last week (based on visits). The FACTZ Family is proliferating. I cannot wait to bring us more unique matters of Gen-Z battles while making old Happy Dads see us expose hot chicks that manipulate society for personal gain (cons).

  1. Sydney Sweeney Needs a Raise

2. Meghan Markle Stole the Queen’s Thunder – Even at the Very End

3. Alexandra Daddario for Men’s Warehouse

4. Cuban Model Cindy Prado at Michael Kors Fall Fashion Show

5. EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Woman Accusing George Foreman of Rape is Looking to Get $3M+ From Disgraced Boxing Legend

6. Evander Kane Chronicles: ‘You can’t rape your wife’

7. Model Ninoska Vasquez Has Passport Seized in Spain over Alleged Involvement with Slavery Case

8. UPDATE: Ted Dhanik: “I Am Lucky to be Alive,” LAPD Took 45 Minutes to Respond at Hollywood Hills Shooting

9. The Bridge Golf Club Doesn’t Have the Balls to Exterminate Lowell Kraff

10. Emily Ratajkowski Hitting the Horns

11. FACTZ Exclusive: A Masked Rosie O’Donnell Still Hates Trump – ‘I Want Him Arrested’

12. Pamela Anderson Lee Reflects Marc Jacobs Anderson Lee

13. Fashion Forward to Mars with Bella Hadid

14. Nikita Dragun at Carbone in New York City – Wide Load

15. Evander Kane Chronicles: A New Jane Doe Comes Forward – ‘I Told Him NO To Sex Numerous Times’

16. UPDATE: The Los Angeles Dodgers Have an Underground Madam to Relieve Players

17. Max Ehrich Is Getting Desperate

18. Evander Kane Chronicles – From Gambling to Domestic Abuse

19. Bare-ly Appropriate: Kamala Harris Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Bares Breasts on Fashion Runway

20. The Truth About My Relationship with Adrianna Suchor

21. BREAKING: Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury Owner Robert Sarver Suspended and Fined for Misconduct

22. Donald ‘Doom’ Trump Warns of ‘Problems Like We’ve Never Seen’ If He’s Indicted

23. Super Caption of the Day – G4G (Girl for Girl), The Three Amigos of Hollywood

24. Leonardo DiCaprio Apparently Trying out ‘Older Women’ After Reports He’s Dating Gigi Hadid

25. Bicycle Graveyard Left After Burning Man – Not Very ‘Pro-Environment’