Evander Kane Chronicles: A New Jane Doe Comes Forward – ‘I Told Him NO To Sex Numerous Times’

The last three articles of the Evander Kane Chronicles have gotten the attention of many in the NHL … thank you, commissioner Gary Bruce Bettman for your “No comment.”

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Let The Evander Kane Chronicles Begin

The courage of Anna Kane has gotten more women to come forward to FACTZ. One of the victims, who won’t be named, tells us about her mistreatment by the National Hockey League star.

“The first time I flew out to see him [Evander Kane], I was on my period. I told him NO to sex numerous times on that trip, but he was aggressive and said, ‘I don’t care.’ I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I went numb, I ended up with bruises, and even though I was on my period, I still got pregnant. He forced me to get an abortion. He’s the most awful human on earth, just a fowl individual.”

More to come next week from Jane Doe … it gets wilder.

“I blocked a lot of it out, but reading FACTZ makes me remember.”


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