Pamela Anderson Lee Reflects Marc Jacobs Anderson Lee

In a new campaign for Marc Jacobs, the 90’s vixen Pamela Anderson Lee gives it everything she has. Her last legs of glory. FACTZ cannot hate on this woman, other than the FACTZ that she defines White Girl Weathered (WGW), but without Pammy, there would be no Nik Richie. Her body warped my perception of women and then my move to Scottsdale in the early 2000s – where every stepmother and their daughter’s reflected her chest … Pamela cemented her place in my mental files.

Now, watching her beauty just diminish before my eyes is one of the hardest challenges of my life. The worst part is … photoshop is not even working on her. Sometimes I want to cry and Barb Wire deserved an OSCAR. I decided.


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