UPDATE: Ted Dhanik: “I Am Lucky to be Alive,” LAPD Took 45 Minutes to Respond at Hollywood Hills Shooting – Suspect Arrested One Month Later for Attempted Murder

UPDATE 10/10/22: The suspect, named Deveon Blaylock, is arrested and in custody, thanks to FACTZ. His neighbor read our article and called the police to turn him in. Dhanik can sleep at ease now that justice has been served.

Blaylock is now booked for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and burglary. Security cameras were able to match Blaylock’s license plate to other homes in the neighborhood as well.

UPDATE 10/10/22 4:45 PM PST: Deveon Blaylock has been released on $1.1 Million bail.

Story developing…

American entrepreneur Ted Dhanik best known for his role at MySpace and for creating tech ad company Engage:BDR, was involved in a hostile home invasion.

What FACTZ knows:

  1. Dhanik was the victim of a home invasion robbery. He witnessed the intruder coming into his home on the security cameras. Dhanik immediately grabbed his gun as the alarms went off.
  2. Dhanik found a 200-pound-plus man wearing a ski mask roaming around his kitchen. Dhanik grabbed his Glock, placing one bullet in the chamber. He chased the intruder out of his home.
  3. Neighbors called the Los Angeles Police Department. Dhanik tried to detain the home intruder outside but was charged by the man who tried to grab the gun. The round in the chamber fires in the tussle, missing both parties.
  4. The intruder grabbed the gun after scuffling and dry fires at Dhanik. At this point, the gun was not loaded and the magazine clip fell out. The intruder began using the gun like a hammer to Dhanik’s head, causing Dhanik to bleed and become concussed.
  5. The intruder fled the scene. Dhanik also suffered a broken trigger finger in the incident.

FACTZ spoke with Ted Dhanik, who seemed more upset about the 45 minutes it took for the Los Angeles Police to arrive and the 55 minutes it took paramedics to arrive. Dhanik states, “I am lucky to be alive and next time I will not hesitate to shoot anyone on my property.”

UPDATE 09/12/22: FACTZ caught up with Ted Dhanik at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood to get the FULL details of events that death-defying day.


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