UPDATE: The Los Angeles Dodgers Have an Underground Madam to Relieve Players – Mabelynn Capeluj is Now for Hire for the Holidays

FACTZ can now confirm the rate of $10,000 USD for a two-hour maximum sexual romp with Mabelynn Capeluj. 
Our athletic male source has provided us with factual receipts which confirm this heartbreaking information. We would like to inform the former “Guess Model” that a recession is coming, so please factor this in for upcoming rate increases.
FACTZ reached out to Mabelynn Capeluj’s camp/madam for comment. She said, “Unfortunately, she [Capeluj] cannot comment or work right now. She is on her period.”

The original story below [September 12, 2022 – 11:11 AM]:

It’s no secret that Major League Baseball (MLB) baseball players do whatever it takes to stay focused over 162 games. And when you have money, why not keep your bat swinging? Well, in true Dodger Dog fashion, FACTZ has discovered the Los Angeles Dodger wife’s worst nightmare – her name is Mabelynn Capeluj.

If you are a season ticket holder you, you know exactly who she is. Lips like a snail’s ass and an inflated 700cc chest that could have saved everyone on the Titanic. Here is the kicker- Mabelynn Capeluj not only plays for pay, but she is also a wrangler of women to professional athletes (mainly MLB roadies) looking to taste a side dish of Hollywood action. We call this “side salad”; the dressing is just the ethnicity.

Baseball wives, you have been warned … this is bigger than pre-season in Scottsdale. Don’t let this Triple B (Baseball, Boobs and Bilzerian) level athlete invade your pros. Keep your houses clean and your hearts strong.

Much more to come … FACTZ is on a mission to make America’s pastime great again.

UPDATE: If you build it, they will come … A source who read this posting confirmed with FACTZ that she was recruited by Mabelynn Capeluj. Below is how she was phished:


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