UPDATE: The Bridge Golf Club Doesn’t Have the Balls to Exterminate Lowell Kraff

UPDATE 09/20/2022: Rumors were circulating that Lowell Kraff had a lifetime ban from the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, for his rude behavior … we decided to FACTZ check.

FACTZ reached out to Offer Nissenbaum, the Managing Director of the Peninsula. He stated, “this is completely false. There is NO ban.”

Looks like Flavor Savor finally scored some points.


When starting FACTZ, our due diligence team spoke with members of The Bridge golf club(five miles north of Bridgehampton in New York), and the not-fan favorite name that kept popping up was Lowell Kraff. So FACTZ asked some questions about this mustached flavor savor crusader, and the responses were awesome:

  • Kraff hijacked the corporate excel jet for his own personal use for a year.
  • His daughter’s wedding was called “the merger,” as he sent (borrowed) three million dollars for the event. As many of his homes were part of the deal.
  • Kraff destroyed his partner Marc Byron on his deathbed of two years.
  • Kraff is known in Chicago to send every meal back to the kitchen and demands that his french fries be hand cut.
  • It was so bad that Kraff got banned from Joe’s Stone Crab in Chicago for light tipping and obnoxious behavior with staff.
  • Kraff always claimed the fries had too much salt on them, so he wouldn’t have to pay and would send them back half eaten.
  • Kraff is on his last warning at the Hamptons Country Club for yelling at relatives and members that they are playing too slow in front of him.

If you know Lowell Kraff and his flavor savor stache that glides in the wind … please come forward with your stories.


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