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Evander Kane Chronicles: ‘You can’t rape your wife’ - Factz


Evander Kane Chronicles: ‘You can’t rape your wife’

FACTZ is a safe place for those who need to share their truth. I must warn you that what you are about to read from Anna Kane is extremely disturbing. As you digest this information, understand there is much more and she is not the only one. The question remains, will the #NHL do something?

Anna Kane continues:

“Evander and I had a daughter who was delivered at twenty-eight weeks and was passed on when I gave birth to her. I was at Stanford hospital in an induced state of labor for 72 hours. I had lost so much blood that they asked me to get a blood transfusion. We got discharged Monday, March 11th. I didn’t get out of bed for a week. My eyes were raw from crying constantly, it was a blur. That Sunday was her funeral, March 17th, 2019.

We came home from our daughter’s funeral and I was changing my clothes, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably in our closet. I was not in a good mental or physical state at all.  The devastation was too much to bear emotionally, yet I had to stay strong and endure this traumatizing process of induced labor, followed by the funeral days later. I had milk come in and I had to bandage myself to stop it. I had lost my beautiful, perfect little girl. I was trying to comprehend what just happened to us.  We came home without a baby. We had everything ready for our baby girl in her nursery.

After the funeral, unable to have sex because of giving birth just 7 days prior, Evander [Kane] forced me to perform oral sex on him. He grabbed my hair roughly, twisting it into his hands from behind and forcing me while I was still crying. He called me a pathetic loser and a stupid bitch. At the time, we had guests staying with us from out of town he threatened if I screamed or didn’t do it that, he would “bash my head in”. I couldn’t fight back a man that’s 6 feet 2 when I’m 5 feet 2.

A few days later, Evander [Kane] would force me to have sex with him multiple times. He would joke and say, “you can’t rape your wife.”  In my opinion, this was way worse than rape, as it was a repeated offense! My body was healing from this terrible loss. I felt hopeless and lifeless as he took advantage of me over and over again. My body was in excruciating pain every time. After all that has happened, I desperately needed proper time to heal and mourn our loss. Evander [Kane] didn’t care about how I felt. He only cared about himself. He stopped looking at me as his wife at this point. Something changed in our relationship completely.

He was a different person to me after this. The caring person I thought I married turned into a cold, calculated monster of a person who saw me now as a problem in his life, one whose family wouldn’t give him money to pay off his creditors and excessive other loan sharks that would always be calling.”

The Evander Kane Chronicles … to be continued. If you or someone you know suffers from domestic abuse, please contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1.800.799.7233.

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6 months ago

What about non consensual sex is rape does this man not understand?

6 months ago

Everyone in the hockey circles hates this guy. Even his teammates want nothing to do with him. He still gambles and Mara Teigen his chick will suffer tremendously when he’s done with her.

6 months ago

The UX on your site is excellent. Very clear and clean. I like the lack of pics on the main page. But when I click on a story sometimes a pic would add nicely to the story. I’m finding myself googling these folks after a story interests me. Mostly cause I want to put a face with the name. Great site though. Enjoying it