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Max Ehrich Is Getting Desperate - Factz


Max Ehrich Is Getting Desperate

One of the great things we do at FACTZ is call out the fraudsters.

Especially the ones who take advantage of celebrities to increase their clout. For example, this is Demi Lovato’s Ex Max Ehrich with actress Willow Grey. The couple was “spotted” on a late-night dog walk in Beverly Hills, CA. The two were seen showing lots of PDA (for the camera) as they laughed while holding each other.

Obviously, the text went more like, “Yo we are walking the dog, I’m with Willow Grey come shoot us so Demi [Lovato] sees I found someone with a better rack.”

All code for Paparazzi by appointment. Fakest non-celebrity trick in the book.

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6 months ago

Got to get that 15 minutes of fame anyway he can.

6 months ago
Reply to  Nightowl

I had to Google this guy and everything was about Demo.

6 months ago
Reply to  CobraKai

**Demi Lavato