Alexandra Daddario for Men’s Warehouse

The Hollywood sexy secret over the last decade has been an enormous natural chest area with blue eyes (very original). FACTZ wants to say Scarlett Johansson, aka ScarJo is at fault, but this is really an OG, Jennifer Connelly issue.

Thanks to Woody Harrelson’s sex scene with Alexandra Daddario in True Detectives (2014). She is now A-list for her fierce blue eyes and enlarged chest area. Daddario is literally cast in blockbuster movies to bounce up and down and run whenever possible (slow-motion preferred).

Nothing wrong with that; take my money. However, this brings me back to the seasonal issue with these women. As much as I don’t want to harp on gravity … Daddario’s breast tissue from her pale athletic roles is diminishing rapidly. You can see signs of Y-lined side cleavage. It’s so bad she has to dress like this now (#MensWarehouse) and let the audience imagine a greater time when Sydney Sweeney was not invented.

Now Daddario has to lift her arms to maintain perk. This is the world we live in.

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