Woman Accusing George Foreman of Rape is Looking to Get $3M+ From Disgraced Boxing Legend

Sometimes we live long enough to see our legends fall.

Thus is the case for former boxer and grill whiz George Foreman.

Over the summer, a story broke that revealed two women are accusing him of sexual abuse and rape, and grooming them to abuse when they were children. They have filed lawsuits against Foreman.

One, who goes by Denise in court papers, said in her lawsuit that Foreman groomed her from the age of 8. She also alleges that he had sex with her when she was under the age of 15, which puts her under the age of consent, in a San Francisco hotel.

But it’s the other plaintiff whose newest court filing is raising eyebrows for its scope.

Identified in court papers as Gwen, the second plaintiff alleges in her lawsuit that Foreman began grooming her at the age of 9 and that he sexually abused and raped her when she was just 15 and 16. According to Gwen, Foreman threatened to fire her father as a boxing advisor if she didn’t do what he wanted.

Foreman for his part has denied the allegations, but court papers filed on September 14 prove that Gwen is serious about her accusations. The lawyer is demanding $3M+ from the once-boxer. The newest papers allege, “sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Foreman is not named in the court filing, but it references the other case currently pending against Foreman, “Denise vs Doe et. al.”

While there are certainly cases of stars being accused of things they’re later found innocent of, the thing about groomers and pedos is that it’s almost always worse than people allege – not better.


  • I need more information before I just blindly believe something about him. Not every man who is rich has done something so horrible in his life. This could be all lies and he’ll counter sue and get a ton of money or just be awarded the not guilty verdict and have that as an award. Or it can go the way other way and he allegedly did the most heinous crimes against children. Just like Tiffany haddish is in court for allegedly crimes against children.the only difference is i don’t think George did it. SO FAR.

    • You must own a grill. I’m with you but these were the daughters of boxers he worked with. Not randoms. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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