Cuban Model Cindy Prado at Michael Kors Fall Fashion Show

Remember when the movie Pretty Woman was justification for money exchange- until it turns into love? Actually, what am I saying? It still is … let’s be honest, every relationship is transactional. If you are a true gentleman, you are paying the price regardless and if you are a true dirtbag, congrats on the free sex (she/he/shim must be ugly or an addict).

This is why FACTZ dominates because we aren’t just about the news. We are about ethics and morals. Accountability for your mistakes and honesty about your evolution.

Now I’m not here to knock Cindy Prado. I met her once when Covid was a full murderer virus. My buddy booked her for his birthday. She was starting to come up on the influencer tip, so her rate was much more than Julia Roberts, but she contracted Covid and everyone freaked out … we all thought we were all going to die. He locked her in a closet until a flight was available back to Miami. I remember telling Alec Monopoly, “this is the end.” I called my kids and he called Papi (who was already in the middle of dying from Covid). Dark hispanic times.

I will say Cindy Prado was super nice to me and looked nothing like her pictures. If anything, she needs to redo her boob job. The implants look like they are screaming for release. Prado, the fix is simple … more CCs. Even in these streetwalker shots (you set up), you are trying to push up used tennis balls from the U.S. Open.

Anyway, I’m sure you are in a committed relationship flying from coast to coast like the typical “famous” crossover Pretty Woman model. I am proud you are still alive and doing the Jeter circuit, and let’s get the rack symmetrical with the hip width and nose size. And if you get a deal- inner thigh lipo never hurt anyone.


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