Evander Kane Chronicles – From Gambling to Domestic Abuse

FACTZ really hopes the National Hockey League pays attention to its demons as we continue the Evander Kane Chronicles in hopes that other women will come forward (anonymously – ID protected) to share their stories, not only about Kane but other professional hockey players. If you let these men get away with it once, they will continue the habit until someone dies … then it will be too late.

Anna Kane shares her truth, more to come:

Evander was always mad, angry at someone or something, or maybe he lost on bets that day and decided to take his anger out on me. He lived his life one hundred percent on secrets and lies to cover up his addictions and problems. I became his punching bag. The sad part is I don’t even think it was battered wife syndrome. I protected him and our name and our image. I did my part and put on a smile and I hid things from our circle of friends. I even hid things from my family. I thought maybe if I show him how supportive his wife can be, he’ll choose to do better and change. His mood swings were unpredictable. One moment he is sweet and the next, just pure evil. I never knew how the day would go. It was based on how he felt. I catered to his every need.

Evander married me because he was looking for an easy way out of his gambling debt. He needed someone to save him from public embarrassment. He avoided facing his own consequences for losing all the money he ever earned in his hockey career including owing 26 million. While we were dating, I naively told him about my mothers inheritance not ever thinking he would be living in such an insane gambling addiction.

Evander threatened me to go see my family estate attorney, even going so far as to fly me to Toronto after the season ended to go see my attorney, also, asked my mother for a loan of one million dollars. My family denied him because I informed my mother that he had a gambling addiction.

October 16th, 2018, when I was pregnant with our daughter Eva, was the first time Evander was physically violent towards me after he found a previous boyfriend’s expired credit card in my wallet. He flew into a jealous rage and started kicking me and punching the side of my head, and also open-handedly slapped me as hard as he could across my face. My jaw was throbbing,  and I was in complete shock from the strong impact. Once I realized what he had done, my body went limp and then I broke out into tears.”

To be continued.

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