Model Ninoska Vasquez Has Passport Seized in Spain over Alleged Involvement with Slavery Case

Model Ninoska Vasquez is being detained in Spain after authorities seized her passport and prohibited her from leaving the country.

It’s all related to an investigation into her alleged involvement in a case of slavery in Mexico. The judge overseeing the case is currently deciding whether or not she will be extradited to Mexico.

This comes on the heels of the arrest of an alleged sex trafficker referred to as “Yorbriele Ninoska Vásquez Álvarez,” in Madrid, whom many believe to be the famous Vasquez.

Representatives for Vasquez say that there’s no evidence and that this is the result of a nasty attempt at revenge against the model. According to the arrest warrant for “Yorbriele Ninoska Vásquez Álvarez”, “the defendant was involved in a network where women were sought to allegedly work as models, however, instead of fulfilling what was promised they were forced to have sex.”

Dozens of countries are reportedly interested in the sex trafficking case.

Fans of the model are skeptical that it’s Vasquez, but she has been quiet on social media for a few days which has escalated speculation.


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