Meghan Markle Stole the Queen’s Thunder – Even at the Very End

When she was alive, Queen Elizabeth II was already facing the end of her legacy.

For decades, she was the figurehead at the helm of England. Inviolate, unassailable, and fierce.

And then along came one Meghan Markle. An unassuming American with a past in acting, Markle caught the attention of Prince Harry – grandson of the Queen.

And suddenly, everything went sideways for Her Royal Majesty.

Markle is half-black, and the royal family had a hard time adjusting to her presence. A commoner, non-white, and American to boot? Where are some royal pearls to clutch??

Markle came in like a wrecking ball, smashing the Queen’s reputation as removed and dignified because only someone with a mean temperament and a bone to pick with Black people could hate Markle for just existing, and the Queen seemed to do exactly that.

American Meghan even enticed Harry to “walk away” from royal duties, taking the Queen’s hold on her family with her. Meghan and Harry have since spoken about their experience with the royal family and how Meghan was made to feel unwelcome and burdensome.

And although the Queen’s name is never mentioned specifically in their accusations (because they don’t want to find a hitman hiding in their closet, probably), where the Queen points, the royal family vomits their racist bullshit.

Even in death, HRM couldn’t escape the influence of Meghan. Because instead of talking about the Queen’s stately coffin ride through the country (everyone, gather ’round and wave to the corpse), they’re talking about the fact that Meghan wasn’t invited to her bedside and the fact that Prince William (now Duke of Cornwall) is trying to include her now that the Queen has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Perhaps she never meant it, but Meghan has delivered one final blow to the Old Institute of Racism among the monarchy, making sure that the Queen’s remembrance will forever be tied to the one family member never she wanted around and always hoped would disappear.

Of course, the joke’s on the Queen – Meghan is alive, kicking, and making headlines at her funeral.



  • Chile!!!! You better thank some kind of star you were even within inches of this show-funeral. As a mixed woman I don’t trust this mixed woman AT ALL. Something hungry , thirsty , and forever tragic about her.

  • More stirring of tge divisive narrative to mask tge liberal agenda. How stupid do you think American’s are? How long do you think this will work as your party does nothing for anyone?

  • They are in love. A man shall leave its mother and Clive to his wife and them shall become ONE! He is a man, a real man. Just as he mother Priness Diane followed her heart. Harry and Megan live your LIFE, not people lives. Do yall, and the Grace of God Keep yall together forever and ever.

    • I’m so happy for Megan she stood up for herself.racist is horrible I hate it everybody should be kind to each other no one is better then the other.

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