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The Truth About My Relationship with Adrianna Suchor

The last couple of weeks, there were WILD assumptions made about me … one of these insane tales is that I am paying Adrianna Suchor $10,000 a month to date and have sexual pleasure with.

Well, that’s a complete LIE and now that I have an uncensored platform – per legal – I will tell everyone the TRUTH. It’s the FACTZ code that drives me now. Anyone who disrespects the code will be pink mist.


  • LOVE
  • INTEGRITY (Don’t Lie)

First, let me introduce this woman – Adrianna Suchor, who I call ‘Addy.’ She was my friend; actually, I would say dear friend. Addy helped me calm down after my divorce and was a major sounding board in my life. She was not the best at giving love advice, but she was selfless in her admiration for me, and I tried my best to lift her spirits as well. Unfortunately, Addy made and continues to make friends with the underworld of Glendale, the grift, which is not my jam.

What I can say is we have never had any type of romantic relationship and I have never once paid to be around her or inside of her. If anything, she would pay for my shrimp enchiladas at Javier’s.

That’s just the FACTZ.

As far as how she makes her money, that’s a question for RD Whittington of Million Dollar Wheels on Discovery+ (huge plug for the Foxx fam) and the missing-in-action Amal Hamidinia.

Story developing … Truth is a defense.

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6 months ago

She is hot 🥵

6 months ago

You ex prob started this rumor

6 months ago
Reply to  Newman

No that Kevorkian guy did. He also posted pictures of Nik’s kids like a psychopath.

6 months ago

This “working girl” gets around emptying bank accounts of old men. She notoriously goes for the old guy so desperate that they pay her whatever she wants and when they smarten up she gets kicked to the curb. She uses the Geriatrics for plastic surgery and is so plastic that it’s a pollution hazard.
Adrianna also rents clothing, watches and cars. Grandpas hide your wallets.
Niks trying to cover but bro we know that friendship ain’t free. She definitely working