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Leaked Script is NOT Fake – Calls For 8th Round Jake Paul Knockout

Both camps are scrambling as a leaked script of the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight has gone viral. TMZ claims the script is fake, but sources tell FACTZ it’s authentic and that the Fury Camp leaked it to expose Read More…


Drake Places $400k Wager on Jake Paul to Knockout Tommy Fury to Win $1.4M

It’s almost fighting time for Jake Paul. And ALL the money is on him. FACTZ has learned that sports books in Las Vegas are 82.5% in favor of Jake Paul winning vs. Tommy Fury- they are not even giving him Read More…


Jake Paul Bets Tommy Fury on Their Own Fight – Winner Takes “All or Nothing”

Jake Paul just request a bet on camera during the pre-fight press conference. He just told the world if Tommy Fury wins the fight this weekend (Feb 26), he will pay him double. But if Paul wins, Fury has to Read More…


Elon Musk Confirms That Aliens Do Not Exist

Elon Musk, who seems to know more than most, confirmed at the World Government Summit in the Middle East that Aliens are not real. This comes as a shock considering Musk is known for being a little out there. Musk Read More…


Boyfriend Gives Her Lady $20,000 for Valentine’s Day and Gets Blasted for Being Thoughtless

The life in Dubai is just different. Watch as this ungrateful woman breaks down her soulless life. Her boyfriend sent the wire and girlfriend would die for. Screw chocolate covered strawberries, cash is king … a sign of true love Read More…


Tarte CEO Maureen Kelly is Explaining that Lavish Influencer’s Trip to Dubai

The internet is up in arms over a lavish trip that #Tarte announced for its top influencers, including Alix Earle. And CEO Maureen Kelly wants people to get some perspective. With multiple influencers “Investigating” the company’s over-the-top trip, which convenes Read More…


Meredith Duxbury is Getting Backlash for Her Makeup – “She Doesn’t Need It”

After FACTZ’s post this morning of Meredith Duxbury, people were shocked that a woman as beautiful as Duxbury would layer so much makeup. The Queen of Cake, Makeup Influencer Meredith Duxbury is Famous For Her Layers FACTZ spoke with two Read More…


The Hard Truth About Dubai and How These “Influencer” Trips are Making the Opposite Sex in America Delusional

Dubai has been a hot topic this week, with the grand opening of Atlantis and the Tarte Cosmetics 50+ influencer trip. But the reality about these Dubai trips for the fake female influencer causes more harm than good. FACTZ spoke Read More…


Soccer Moms Are Going Insane on Tarte Cosmetics For Not Being “Inclusive” to the Mature Skin Genre

Tarte Cosmetics is getting significant backlash from women above the age of 25. The soccer moms and older demos, classified as “Mature Skin,” have taken to social media to share their disgust for the Dubai influencer activation. FACTZ has been Read More…


The Queen of Cake, Makeup Influencer Meredith Duxbury is Famous For Her Layers

One of the biggest names on TikTok is Meredith Duxbury, and it’s because she has a very unique makeup style that’s not a gimmick. Duxbury does what old-school cool people use to say- “applies a MAC force field.” FACTZ is Read More…