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Levi’s Will Use AI-Generated Fakes Alongside Human Models

Add modeling to the industries that soon may be replaced by AI. Levi’s is partnering with Amsterdam-based digital model studio Lalaland.ai to “supplement human models” with images generated by AI. The company says it’s part of a “digital transformation journey” Read More…


Liar, Liar: Influencer Mikayla Nogueira Accused of Faking Thick Massachusetts Accent

Makeup influencer Mikayla Nogueira faces increasing public scrutiny and criticism after followers unearthed a clip of her speaking without her trademark “redneck accent.” Nogueira’s accent appears to be a raspy drawl, and has long been one of her most identifiable Read More…


Jeffree Star Does a Rhode Hater Makeup Review – Die-Hard Team Selena Gomez

Jeffree Star goes in on Hailey Baldwin. He is definitely not a Bieber fan. Here are the hate breakdowns of Rhode, Hailey Biebers make-up line. Star hated the photo of Hailey Bieber in the box, “She [Hailey Bieber] literally looks Read More…


Bold Glamour Filter is Still Trending Hard

The Bold Glamour filter is still on fire, but now everyone is using the filter for filter purposes and acting like it’s what they actually look like. Yes, catfishing is no longer a sport; it’s a lifestyle. FACTZ is concerned. Read More…


Alix Earle’s First Images in Scottsdale are Stunning – Talent Resources Sports Score First Look

Alix Earle stuns the red carpet at the RollingStones Live & Talent Resources Sports event in Old Town Scottsdale. This was the first time the social beauty stepped out, and she didn’t disappoint. Our money this #SuperBowl is on Earle Read More…


Meredith Duxbury Issues GRWM #FoundationChallenge to Skeptical Fans

Like most things people see on the internet, fans of Meredith Duxbury’s fiery #GRWM series are skeptical. Some fans have apparently accused the influencer of cutting the camera and redoing her makeup before showing the final product. Still, it’s hard Read More…


RHONY’s Leah McSweeney Can’t Stand ‘Open’ Influencers Who Hide their Plastic Surgery

Some influencers make their money off pretending to be open and honest about every facet of their lives. But, being real, most people probably hold some things close to the chest. However, RHONY’s Leah McSweeney wants everyone to be a Read More…


Scar Girl Annie Bonelli is Being called a Fraud by Medical Experts

Annie Bonelli is world famous for being #ScarGirl. Her cheek has a crazy dark scar which has been getting her millions of followers, but now medical experts are calling her a liar … her “fake” scar is for clout. If Read More…


Meredith Duxbury is Giving Courtney Stodden PTSD Vibes

The beauty of Meredith Duxbury minus makeup glam is stunning. I give her an 8.112738 without makeup and a 6.001762 with the “full glam” face. And this isn’t me being rude; she is a very gorgeous woman. And I hope Read More…


Jeffree Star Is Coming Back from the Dead to Call Out the Beauty Influencer Roaches

The OG Jeffree Star has had enough. He is sick of seeing all these beauty influencers lie about products on social media. Star is dating an unnamed NFL athlete, so he is in a great mental place (in love). Which Read More…