Meredith Duxbury is Getting Backlash for Her Makeup – “She Doesn’t Need It”

After FACTZ’s post this morning of Meredith Duxbury, people were shocked that a woman as beautiful as Duxbury would layer so much makeup.

The Queen of Cake, Makeup Influencer Meredith Duxbury is Famous For Her Layers

FACTZ spoke with two other influencers that went on the Dubai Tarte trip with Duxbury, and they had this to say:

  1. “Honestly, I was shocked, she doesn’t need it, and she is so young and pretty. This is her style, we all have our own technique, and if she thinks masking is the answer, then I’m happy for her. She is a sweet and fun girl.”
  2. “Meredith is gorgeous. She is more than just a face. She is an icon for women and men. Yes. She wears too much makeup, but that is to get followers on social media. It’s not who she really is.”

There you have it, folks. FACTZ is curious to see your thoughts on the situation.





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