Tarte CEO Maureen Kelly is Explaining that Lavish Influencer’s Trip to Dubai

The internet is up in arms over a lavish trip that #Tarte announced for its top influencers, including Alix Earle.

And CEO Maureen Kelly wants people to get some perspective.

With multiple influencers “Investigating” the company’s over-the-top trip, which convenes in Dubai at the Ritz Carlton Al Khaimah in the Al Wadi Desert and includes 13 of the beauty brand’s influencers, people are challenging Tarte to explain its excesses.

But trips like this are nothing new. Influencers are often treated to the best a company can offer because the more they enjoy their time, the more they’ll push the brand.

Kelly told Glossy, “This isn’t our first trip, but I can, of course, understand how people may have a knee-jerk reaction to seeing content overload like this.” She added, “Every day, brands make decisions about how to spend their marketing budgets. For some companies, that means a huge Super Bowl commercial or a multi-million dollar contract with a famous athlete or celeb. We’ve never done traditional advertising, and instead, we invest in building relationships and building up communities.”

Kelly continues, “I have to laugh at some of these conspiracies. I will say people are creative! But no, I can confirm that we definitely didn’t have any help from any tourism boards.”


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