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Who is Hasbulla Magomedov? And why is the World Obsessed with Him?

Hasbulla Magomedov has always been a viral sensation, but this California Dreams tour he is on has gotten Disney’s and their networks’ attention. Why is Hasbulla? The small giant stands 2 feet tall. He’s 20 years old and from the Read More…


El Stool Presidente of Barstool Sports David Portnoy Hits a $5k LIVE Bet on Furman to Make $50k

The second biggest upset of #MarchMadness today, the first being Princeton beating Arizona, was Furman defeating Virginia 68-67. As you can see- David Portnoy’s reaction is a play-by-play as Virginia stupidly inbounded the ball deep to Furman thinking it would Read More…


Hasbulla at SeaWorld Cures All Depression

Hasbulla is still on his Southern California tour of amusement parks. The Nelk Boys decided to treat HM to a SeaWorld adventure to see Killer Whales. The result is a video that should make you smile until the end of Read More…


Hasbulla Invades Disneyland And Kids Are Confused

Hasbulla who is in Orange County, California, visited Disneyland yesterday to meet Mickey Mouse. While some people (adults) recognized the famous little one, the kids just thought the 20-year-old was just another child. FACTZ can confirm Hasbulla Magomedov is currently Read More…


Emily Wilson’s ‘Pronouns Rant’ Hits Seven Million Views on Twitter in Four Days

Emily Wilson is on the verge of cancellation or breakthrough. Her ride-along videos have been extremely controversial to the left, and now she is under a viral attack for her ‘pronouns’ video. FACTZ is not condoning her behavior and is Read More…


Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire Says People Often Ask for Bella Hadid’s Face

In her podcast, Sofia with an F, Sofia Franklyn sat down with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Rahban. And he explains that one of the most frequent facelift requests he gets is for people who want to look like model Bella Read More…


Ben Shapiro Tries to Shame Becca Moore Over ‘The Icks’

Ben Shapiro has an extraordinarily high opinion of himself and apparently feels his time is best spent coming for TikTok influencers like Becca Moore. Moore recently released a TikTok video discussing “the icks” around dating and the “most important man Read More…


Tucker Carlson Tells The Full Send Podcast that America is No Longer a World Power

The Full Send Podcast got a rare interview with an awkward Tucker Carlson. Carlson, who has been under much pressure this past week with his Jan. 6 views, told Kyle Forgeard and Steiny that America sucks now. When Forgeard asks Read More…


Becca Moore Gets ‘the Ick’ From All These Habits Guys Have

Influencer Becca Moore is sharing what gives her “the ick” about guys that want to date her. First of all, if you’re younger – even by a few months – you’re out. Don’t hold your drink wrong, and don’t obey Read More…


Jake Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Peace Treaty in Negotiations at Gekko in Miami

A serious meeting between two camps is currently underway and David “Papi” Einhorn who is on #TeamPaul is trying his best to save his friend Jake Paul from the angry TMT mob. Both camps were seen walking into Gekko Restaurant. Read More…