Soccer Moms Are Going Insane on Tarte Cosmetics For Not Being “Inclusive” to the Mature Skin Genre

Tarte Cosmetics is getting significant backlash from women above the age of 25. The soccer moms and older demos, classified as “Mature Skin,” have taken to social media to share their disgust for the Dubai influencer activation.

FACTZ has been following the #Tarte journey closely to see if the millions spent helped or hurt the brand. From what it sounds like, the discrimination is real.

This story is different developing.


  • These woman are claiming they are social media and brand experts yet if they were they would understand that this is not Tarte’s first rodeo.

  • why are they finding an issue with literally everything? so many brands dont show mature influencers and older people still buy it

    • The first girl is mad because she is entitled and “thinks” that she is an influencer that should have been included. The second just wants something to complain about to stay relevant.

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