A Love Punch Connection – Gabe Poncio vs. Hasbulla Magomedov

The Full Send-Nelk crew is in mother Russia visiting Hasbulla Magomedov and all his fighter friends. A huge Hasbulla Magomedov fan, Gabriel Poncio, who has the same cheek size as Hasbulla in circumference, got to take a picture with his idol. Read More…


Steve of the Nelk Boys Launches “The Steve WillDoIt Show”

The new monster podcast for 2023 has just launched. The Steve WillDoIt Show presented by Happy Dad was just announced by Steve (Stephen Deleonardis) of the Nelk Boys. The first episode, ‘YouTube Hates Me,’ is available to stream on Apple Read More…


Steve Will Do It – Loses $50,000 on the Bucs

Losing big money gambling is nothing new for #SteveWillDoIt; Stephen Deleonardis took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight for $50,000. The Bucs got blown out by the Dallas Cowboys, so he lost the money, but FACTZ has confirmed with the NELK Read More…


Kyle Forgeard of Nelk Confirms Donald Trump Will Only Do Media Interviews with Attractive Women

Kyle Forgeard tells the Off the Record podcast that Donald Trump is a “savage” on the golf course, eats hot dogs, and only does media interviews with “pretty” women. More proof that Trump is a lovely husband.


Steiny Gets Gabe Poncio his Dream YSL Bag to Start the Year Right

Aaron Steinberg, aka Steiny of the Full Send Podcast, decided to finally get Gabe Poncio of Nelk’s assistant team a present for the holidays and to start 2023 with a bang. Yes, we confirmed with receipts— the bag is 💯. Read More…

Andrew Tate Wanted to be Arrested to Prove his Matrix Logic

FACTZ is still not sold on this Andrew Tate character. He’s not doing anything different than Dan Bilzerian did a decade ago. Gen Z is just mesmerized by his fast logic … it is like he is micro and macro-dosing Read More…


OJ Simpson Only Takes Cash to Avoid Paying the $96M Owed to the Goldman Family for Murder

The Full Send Podcast just got their “white whale” guest of OJ Simpson. He sat down with Kyle Forgeard and Steiny [Aaron Steinberg] of the Full Send Podcast for an hour. According to our source in the Simpson Camp, “The Read More…


OJ Simpson Finally Denies Being Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father

One of the age old urban legends might have been solved. The Full Send Podcast in their interview with OJ Simpson pressed him on the issue of being Khloe Kardashian’s real father. Simpson in a weird way dismissed the rumor Read More…


Bob Menery Claims the Nelk Boys Paid OJ Simpson $100,000 to be on the Full Send Podcast

UPDATE: Bob Menery slams Kyle Forgeard— the war is back on!! After a denial by the Full Send Podcast to FACTZ that OJ Simpson was NOT paid. Menery explains that Forgeard jumped on a FaceTime and admitted to paying the Read More…


Nelk Boy Stephen Deleonardis – Better Known as ‘SteveWillDoIt’ – Proposes to Long Time Girlfriend Celina Smith

Congrats or RIP to celebrity influencer Stephen Deleonardis aka ‘Steve Will Do It’. The Nelk Boy and Full Send business partner proposed to long-time girlfriend, Celina Smith. The team at FACTZ hopes the lovers make tons of babies and don’t Read More…