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El Stool Presidente of Barstool Sports David Portnoy Hits a $5k LIVE Bet on Furman to Make $50k

The second biggest upset of #MarchMadness today, the first being Princeton beating Arizona, was Furman defeating Virginia 68-67. As you can see- David Portnoy’s reaction is a play-by-play as Virginia stupidly inbounded the ball deep to Furman thinking it would Read More…


Slow Motion Video Shows Tommy Fury’s Foot Slips in Knockdown

It was almost on script at Tommy Fury gets knockdown in the 8th round. Or was it? Slow motion video shows Fury slipping in fall and the announcer confirms he slipped upon further review. Regardless, Fury still wins in a Read More…


Barstool’s Rone Explains the Falling Out with Big Cat and Finding New Friends

FACTZ caught up with Barstool Sports’ Rone this week, and he explained that he and Big Cat had a falling out after the latter was rude to Joel and himself. He said they “couldn’t really be friends anymore.” But it’s Read More…


David Portnoy Calls Out Roger Goodell and the NFL For How They Treated the Damar Hamlin Tragedy

In Part Two of our FACTZ exclusive interview with media and gambling mogul David Portnoy, we asked him his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game … mainly how the NFL handled the situation after Damar Hamlin was Read More…


FACTZ Catches Up with David Portnoy on His Walk in Miami Beach – Saved $20 million on Florida Relocation

In a FACTZ exclusive (three-part series), we caught up with David Portnoy during his senior citizen walk in Miami Beach, Florida. As you can see, Portnoy is a lean machine. In part one, FACTZ asked Portnoy about his interview on Read More…


David Portnoy Calls Andrew Tate’s Business Practices a “Hustle” – Meaning SCAM – as Joe Rogan Laughs at the “TopG”

David Portnoy finally went on The Joe Rogan Experience. The highly anticipated podcast didn’t disappoint. The two acted like high school buddies and ball-washed each other for hours. But the only part that stood out was their blatant disregard for Read More…