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America is in Mourning as Hasbulla Leaves Our Great Nation

The mini-Muslim Hasbulla has officially left America. He was the only influential celebrity who brought a smile to our face in these dark times. Hazzy the team at FACTZ thanks you for showing America how great America is when you Read More…


Hasbulla at SeaWorld Cures All Depression

Hasbulla is still on his Southern California tour of amusement parks. The Nelk Boys decided to treat HM to a SeaWorld adventure to see Killer Whales. The result is a video that should make you smile until the end of Read More…


Hasbulla Invades Disneyland And Kids Are Confused

Hasbulla who is in Orange County, California, visited Disneyland yesterday to meet Mickey Mouse. While some people (adults) recognized the famous little one, the kids just thought the 20-year-old was just another child. FACTZ can confirm Hasbulla Magomedov is currently Read More…


Tucker Carlson Tells The Full Send Podcast that America is No Longer a World Power

The Full Send Podcast got a rare interview with an awkward Tucker Carlson. Carlson, who has been under much pressure this past week with his Jan. 6 views, told Kyle Forgeard and Steiny that America sucks now. When Forgeard asks Read More…


Hasbulla Magomedov Illegally Driving in America Almost Kills Nelk Team on Short Bus

Hasbulla Magomedov has been on a rampage in Las Vegas- new wardrobe, shooting guns, petting puppies, bulldozing cars, and driving a bus. The Nelk Boys have been documenting it all and putting their lives on the line. Hasbulla is not Read More…


Kyle Forgeard Gifts Hasbulla Baby Jordans from Nordstrom’s

FACTZ got receipts. Kyle Forgeard of the Nelk Boys not only picked up his kid-best friend Hasbulla from the airport but also gifted him 15 pairs of Jordans from the kid section at Nordstrom’s and six kid Yeezy’s from the Read More…


Confirmed: Steiny Was Ditched in Israel by the NELK Team

The Full Send Podcast did an ‘Internal’ recap of their Tel Aviv, Israel trip. For context, Aaron Steinberg, who goes by Steiny, planned the Nelk Boys’ adventure. FACTZ has learned that there has been an unlying tension between Steiny and Read More…


Kyle Forgeard Tries to Talk Theo Von into Getting a Gay Assistant

Kyle Forgeard and Theo Von were chatting about assistants – and Forgeard has some concrete advice on the topic: get a gay male. But he isn’t just being arbitrary; Forgeard brought receipts to prove it’s a good idea. Kyle says Read More…


Kyle Forgeard of Nelk Confirms Donald Trump Will Only Do Media Interviews with Attractive Women

Kyle Forgeard tells the Off the Record podcast that Donald Trump is a “savage” on the golf course, eats hot dogs, and only does media interviews with “pretty” women. More proof that Trump is a lovely husband.