Andrew Tate Labels Life “Easy” as a Female

Andrew Tate has broken the internet with his misogynistic views so much that he’s pretty much banned on all social media platforms. The man, however, is so relentless that he still manages to be heard by a large audience. A video of Tate (that we are guessing to be recent) made its way onto the internet, where he insinuates that growing up as a girl is an easier life.

Into a microphone, Tate says, “As a man, there is no easy life. If you’re looking for an easy life, you should’ve been a girl. You made a mistake.” He continues, “Your life is always going to be difficult. All of the pain you feel, all of the sadness you feel, you’re supposed to feel as a man, and you have to effective binary choices. You either go through the suffering and go through the trauma and the hardships it takes to be a man of value, or you suffer eternity as a nobody.”

Tate, speaking as if he’s subconsciously projecting his own fears and insecurities, gives his idea of an example between a stressful life and the stress of having no life. “You go home, you play games, and you exist until you die. That’s stress-free, but you have to suffer being a nobody. Alternatively, you can go out there into the world and try and implement your mark on the world. Work hard, try to get rich, more money, more problems. You can try to start a business, the stress of that. You can lose your girlfriend because you’re always working. This is a new level of stress, a new level of trauma, but at least you’ll be a ‘somebody’ at the end of it.”

Assuming that there are only two ways to live [and one way to experience a good life] the clip of Tate concludes with him saying, “There’s two ways to suffer. You either suffer to become a somebody or suffer as a perpetual and forever nobody.”