FACTZ Catches Aaron Steinberg aka Steiny and Bradley Martyn of the Full Send Podcast

A fascinating interview went down with FACTZ and Aaron Steinberg, aka Steiny (the face of the Full Send Podcast, according to him).

Steiny was walking the streets of NYC with a much larger Bradley Martyn, also a co-host of the pod. Martyn is the replacement for the late-great Bob Menery– who was fired.

As you can see, Martyn is already dogging Steiny on his interview skills … much like Bob.

Steiny also ball-washes Elon Musk like a gentleman, confirms the fake bag for the love of his life, Sofia Franklyn, and says Andrew Tate was a terrible interview … yes, I am reading between the lines, but I know Steiny’s heart feels this.

More from this interview to come as Full Send scores Billy McFarland for their next podcast.

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