Bob Menery is on a Self-Sabotage Runner – Declares a FULL War on the Full Send Podcast

Bob Menery, who broke up with his girlfriend on Instagram for two hours, is on another Sunday runner. This time he went on a total rampage against the Full Send Podcast.

VIDEO below- It is like some weird cry to hug Kyle Forgeard, his former podcast mate. Menery claimed he needs to be paid as he still owns 30% of the FSP show. Also, he didn’t miss the opportunity to plug his current podcast and get subscribers- DUH.

FACTZ reached out to Menery to see what was happening, as his Adderall addiction dictates his extreme mood swings and guest bookings. However, Menery didn’t respond. He instead read the statement request and then did some weird cryptic message on a DM to someone else and posted it like a true addict.

Menery said, “They’ll prolly have another person write a fake article about me from their wedding or some shit lol. I don’t give af tho. Bad shit.”

Mr. Sheeky, I’m unsure how we can fake your actions or words. Regardless, FACTZ doesn’t play sides and hopes your war ends fruitfully as you deserve to be sober and a #HappyDad one day.

FACTZ also reached out to the Full Send Podcast team, who declined to comment as well … the story is developing as the rehab storm is coming.


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