Sofia Franklyn Gets the Bag from Steiny – This Could Be True Love

There have been mixed reactions to Full Send Podcast heartthrob Steiny gifting former ‘Call Her Daddy’ co-host Sophia Franklyn a FAKE Louis Vuitton bag- off the streets of Manhattan.

A couple of issues:

  1. It is highly illegal to buy counterfeit goods off the streets.
  2. It is highly illegal to gift counterfeit merchandise because now Franklyn is an accomplice to Chinese children sweatshop labor practices.

It’s messed up on many levels, but Steiny is the big winner. His $25 street buy saved him about $5k, and now Franklyn must love him forever.

Side Note: Alex Cooper is not a FACTZ fan. A source in the Barstools camp told us, “she is not thrilled Nik ruined her Saturday.”

Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper Won’t Answer the Real Questions that Matter

Sorry, Alex. I love you more.


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