Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland is Out of Jail and Ready to Plan New ‘Pirate’ Festival to Make Good

Fyre Festival (aka Fraud Festival) founder Billy McFarland is out of jail and looking ahead. He’s been out for two months and is now sharing his story with FACTZ.

McFarland entered guilty pleas in 2018 for his part in organizing Fyre Festival, touted as Coachella for the Bahamas, which turned out to be a big fat nothing-and-fraud-burger.

FACTZ caught up with McFarland and asked about his plans now that he’s free again.

McFarland says it was “rough” behind bars, adding that “10 months in solitary was totally brutal.” He was put in solitary for running a podcast.

He admits that rumors are true that he was in the same jail with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for five or six months before he fucked up and was transferred.

And as for what’s next, McFarland says that his new business venture, “Pirate,” is all about building trust. He suggests that he plans to “connect people” again and that festivals may be part of that.

He adds that people as a whole have been more supportive than he expected, but in his nearby circle, some have left that he didn’t expect while others stuck around, which surprised him.

McFarland seemed to be in good spirits, and he’s ready to get back to it, saying that he thinks people expect him to do nothing. McFarland, however, wants to put his wrongs aright.

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