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Just the FACTZ (JTF) Part One: TARGET with Hosts Nik Richie & Emily Wilson

Our first spin-off show under the FACTZ Podcast umbrella – JTF – which stands for Just The FACTZ. This bi-weekly show will showcase two friends with different anatomies who talk about the struggles of life with all the crazy FACTZ Read More…


Savanah Bananas Are Sold Out for the Rest of the Season

The new baseball Beetles have set a record in sales. FACTZ was lucky enough to sit down with Jackson Olson of the Savannah Bananas to understand the insanity of this viral sensation. The Bananas have gained a reputation for being Read More…


Target Faces Financial Impact of $9B Amid Boycott Calls Over Pride Collection

The boycott campaign against Target has gained traction on social media, leading to many consumers expressing their intent to refrain from shopping at Target. The boycott’s impact on Target’s financial performance has been substantial, with an estimated loss of $9 Read More…


Nik Richie Goes One-On-One with Jackson Olson of the Savannah Bananas on the FACTZ Podcast

In the world of baseball, one team has managed to capture the attention and hearts of fans like no other—the Savannah Bananas. The Bananas have become a viral marketing phenomenon, revolutionizing the way the game is played and experienced. Under Read More…


Mathematics Show Influencer Kina Tavarozi Was Responsible for $6M in Las Vegas Alcohol Sales

This week FACTZ had Queen of Las Vegas nightlife and influencer Kina Tavarozi on the FACTZ Podcast. The goal was to find God; however, a quick segway confirmed Tavarozi consumed and help achieve almost $6 million dollars in alcohol bottle Read More…


Kina Tavarozi Joins the FACTZ Podcast to Help Nik Richie Find God

In another thrilling episode of the FACTZ Podcast, Nik Richie interviews Las Vegas influencer Kina Tavarozi. Richie dives deep into the Lord and uses the guidance of Tavarozi to find God. In this episode, we learn: God is inside of Read More…


FACTZ Podcast with Nik Richie and Ted Dhanik – The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Tech entrepreneur Ted Dhanik joins Nik Richie on the FACTZ Podcast to get to the truth about AI. Watch as both Ted and Nik break down the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence and also discuss the dangers of living Read More…


Nik Richie Explains His FACTZ Fight for Mental Health

Mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being and crucial for leading a fulfilling life. It encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being and affects how we think, feel, and behave daily. It is essential for maintaining healthy Read More…


WATCH NOW: Mystery Guest on the FACTZ Podcast Revealed

Finally, Nik Richie interviews a gentleman who is unafraid to speak his truth. Click on the video above to watch a thrilling episode of the FACTZ Podcast. It keeps getting better and better. #RiseUp


Studies Show Women Are Now Paying for Dinners in Relationships

Splitting the bill on a date has long been discussed and debated among couples. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards women taking the initiative to pay for the meal. According to a survey conducted by Bank Read More…