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Bottled Blonde Hostess Takes Followers on GRWM Ahead of Club Shift

Kaitlyn Cook is taking followers on a quick trip through a #GRWM as a hostess at the nightclub/dayclub Bottled Blonde in Scottsdale, AZ. Cook explains that she works as a hostess for now rather than a server because the servers Read More…


Trump Camp Scouting Scottsdale, Arizona, Candidates for his Cabinet

The #FauciFinger has woken up the giant: former President Donald J. Trump and his team plan to interview Arizona candidates for his potential 2024 cabinet. FACTZ can confirm the Trump camp has Melissa Rein-Lively, who they call “MRL” on their Read More…


Melissa Rein-Lively Flips the Bird to Fauci

Famed Scottsdale, Arizona, publicist Melissa Rein-Lively got a rare photo-op with Dr. Fauci. As you can tell, she is not a fan as Fauci has been under extreme scrutiny this week. News was released about how the COVID-19 virus was Read More…


‘Tesla Owner’ Reminds People to Stop and Appreciate the Joys of Ownership – Including the Spontaneous Combustion

One comedian found himself near the site of a Tesla which suddenly burst into flames in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week. Daniel Peer decided to narrate a video (titled “Things I love about my Tesla”) of the resulting conflagration as though Read More…


Hannah Palmer Avoiding Legal Authorities on Golf Cart Massacre While in Multi-Million Dollar Negotiations with Fashion Nova

Social media model Hannah Palmer is in negotiations with Fashion Nova on a new deal allegedly worth $2.2 million dollars. If the deal finalizes, she will be the highest yearly paid influencer for the fashion house. However, Palmer has failed Read More…


Nik Richie to Star in ‘Cash Out 2’ Movie

My film agent Sean Stone just called me and requested my April dates for filming Cash Out 2. The good news is I don’t have to audition anymore because John Travolta keeps telling directors I’m a unicorn, “The Bo Jackson Read More…


Jeffree Star Attacks the “They” and “Them” Communities

Jeffree Star has gone viral today with over 1 million views on a clip calling out the ones who classify as “they” and “them.” Star is pretty convinced that people were bored during COVID and needed to reclassify. He also Read More…


Tiffany Haddish Blocks Our Interview with Camille Kosteck

Tiffany Haddish is obviously not a FACTZ fan; honestly, we don’t blame her. As lost as she is … we have been showcasing her downfall publicly. Displaying this behavior is part of the business and our job. Tiffany Haddish Shows Read More…


Myles O’Neal Dreams of a Collab with Fisher Ahead of New Music Drop

FACTZ spoke with DJ Myles O’Neal at the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl party, and everything is coming up roses for the young entertainer. Next week, new music drops from the up-and-comer, and he’s living the dream. The actor/DJ/entertainer/personality (true renaissance Read More…


Pickleball Pro Ryan Sherry Tells FACTZ Why Pickleball is Easy for Tennis Players

The “sport” of Pickleball is exploding. While many, like myself, tell my friends like Frankie Delgado that this is standing ping pong and “not a real sport,” it looks like I might be wrong. FACTZ spoke with the number five Read More…