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Logan Paul Tells Barstool’s David Portnoy Who He is Boxing Next and the Internet Thinks it’s His Brother Jake Paul

Logan Paul, the host of his own podcast show ‘imPaulsive,’ had Barstool founder David Portnoy on as a guest and told him who he plans to fight (box) next. The trolls are going wild, thinking they have cracked the fight Read More…


Angelika Babekov Talks About How Hard it is for Good Girls to Find Good Relationships

Influencer and “femininity” proponent Angelika Babekov shared on TikTok that it’s hard for good girls to find good relationships. She explains that men say they want traditional women but then lust over half-naked women online. So when their “good girl” Read More…


Tucker Carlson Tells The Full Send Podcast that America is No Longer a World Power

The Full Send Podcast got a rare interview with an awkward Tucker Carlson. Carlson, who has been under much pressure this past week with his Jan. 6 views, told Kyle Forgeard and Steiny that America sucks now. When Forgeard asks Read More…


Emily Ratajkowski is Losing Her Shit – “Men Are Trash”

I usually let the FACTZ staff handle Emily Ratajkowski because I know exactly where she is at mentally in her loss (divorce). I know she is in a fucked up headspace, thinking she needs to SEX her away out of Read More…


Bobby Lee Giggles at Harland Williams’ Allergy Charity

Bobby Lee hosted Harland Williams on his podcast, Tiger Belly, with Bobby & Khalyla. In the newest episode, they get a little off-topic as Williams deadpans that he wants to plug his charity which he calls “Cinnamon Angels Fly Fly Read More…


The End of imPaulsive is Looming

One of the top podcasts on the planet has hit ‘The Beatles’ mode. The boys are breaking up. Well, Logan Paul is planning on firing everyone and bringing in a new drummer. As you can see above, they literally hate Read More…


Layah Heilpern is Charging Guest to Be Interviewed on Her Podcast

FACTZ has learned ‘The Layah Heilpern Show’ hosted by Layah Heilpern is charging guests to be interviewed on her podcast. Here is the kicker, there is no set price. They are acting as if the fee is a “donation.” A Read More…


The Joe Rogan Experience is Hyping World War Three

This viral clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” has everyone tripping out. The bigger question is why America always has to involve itself in other people’s problems. We have so many issues on our soil. So, why Read More…


More Podcast Payola – ‘Dear Gabby’ Gabby Bernstein Charges $50,000 to Be Interviewed on Her Show

It looks like FACTZ has opened Pandora’s box in the Pod world. After we showcased David Metzler charging money to be on his show, we got flooded with other podcasts charging top dollar to be “a featured interview or co-host.” Read More…


ManUp Daily Podcast Says Modern Women are ‘Undesirable to Men’

What is the modern woman? The ManUp Daily pod explains that “most modern women today are undesirable to men in general because they don’t have feminine traits – the majority of them – and they’re not traditional.” He says that Read More…