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Armored CombatĀ orĀ ‘Buhurt’ is One of the Fastest Growing Sports in America

Living your Game of Thrones life is now a reality. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is trying to make this a real league like Power Slap, and now fight clubs across America are starting to recruit fighters. This is real, not Read More…


Eddie Hall Refuses to Talk About Steroid Use With FACTZ

FACTZ spoke with former Strongest Man in the World (2017), Edward Hall. The Englishman answered all our questions, but we forgot to ask the one that mattered about testosterone use (steroids), and when we did, in the end, the answer Read More…


Fmr Ohio House Speaker Convicted Over $60M Bribery Scheme

Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder along with former Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges were convicted this week in a $60 million bribery scheme. Prosecutors called it the largest corruption case in the state’s history. A Cincinnati jury found Read More…


Bradley Martyn is ‘NO SHOW’ at the 35th Arnold Classic – Fans Traveled from All Over the World to See Him

FACTZ is at the Arnold Classic to cover all the professional bodybuilders, and one prominent name flaked. Fans traveled from all over the world to get a photo and meet their idol, Bradley Martyn. FACTZ spoke with a woman who Read More…