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Armored CombatĀ orĀ ‘Buhurt’ is One of the Fastest Growing Sports in America

Living your Game of Thrones life is now a reality. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is trying to make this a real league like Power Slap, and now fight clubs across America are starting to recruit fighters. This is real, not Read More…

Americans Now Need $1.25M to Retire Comfortably, According to Survey

Everything is more expensive these days, including retirement. A new survey by Northwestern Mutual found that Americans expect to need $1.25 million to retire comfortably. That’s a worrying 20% increase from the $1.05 million respondents cited last year. In 1990, Read More…

Michigan Man Met College Kid on Dating App, then Had Him for Dinner – Literally

A Michigan man pled guilty last Thursday to the 2019 mutilation of a body and murder (open murder – which contains both first and second-degree murder) after he killed a college student he met on the dating app Grindr. But Read More…