Armored Combat or ‘Buhurt’ is One of the Fastest Growing Sports in America

Living your Game of Thrones life is now a reality. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is trying to make this a real league like Power Slap, and now fight clubs across America are starting to recruit fighters. This is real, not a joke.

As you can see in the video, this is the second annual final as the sport of Jon Snow is growing rapidly.

If you live in Detroit and want to join:

“Start Your Warrior Journey Today. We are thDetroit Fight Club! We train fighters and teams for the various medieval combat formats in the sport commonly called Armored Combat or Buhurt. We also run competitions and demos for the sport locally and at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. We focus on guiding and training our members to grow as skilled and effective fighters and warriors on and off the field. We have men’s and women’s programs, and we compete in all formats of the sport: melee, duels, and pro-fights (armored MMA).”