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Shaquille Oneal's Foundation in Las Vegas Invites Shady Characters - Factz


Shaquille Oneal’s Foundation in Las Vegas Invites Shady Characters

We can give Shaq a 50% pass for Adam Levine, but the Shawne Merriman attendance was weird.

An attendee at Shaquille Oneal’s ‘The Event’ tells FACTZ, “[Shawne] Merriman was pacing around and twitching the entire night. It was very uncomfortable to be in his surroundings. He just kept drinking and looking for someone to talk to.”

Nobody cared about Adam Levine and his DM scandal as soon as Maroon 5 started performing. Shaq made sure to embrace Levine so the crowd would forget.

Other celebrities attended for facetime, the same Vegas regulars- Logan Paul and Rob Gronkowski.

The Event was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Shaq partnered with the Boys & Girls Club, with all funds going directly to the charity. Shaq also took a moment to remember the victims of the Las Vegas shooting massacre on Oct 1, 2017.

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5 months ago

Lock that dude up already! He’s walking around Vegas like OJ.

5 months ago

Seems that Merriman thinks that all is forgotten and he can resume life as usual. Let’s hope he’s not on the prowl for his next victim.

5 months ago
Reply to  Nightowl

I see him at Tao Beach all the time staring at girls. It’s the creepiest thing ever.