Case Open: Family Seeks Justice For Death of Kim Fattorini, Trial Date Set

The Fattorini family has a massive chance to expose all the players in their daughter, Kim Fattorini’s death, which served as a warning shot to Hollywood. A trial date has been set for the showdown to begin: June 5, 2023 in Santa Monica, Calif. It’s a great feeling when you believe in people—especially those who have daughters and can save the future potential prey of club promoters and athletes—and see them continue to fight for what is right.

According to Shawne Merriman’s bankruptcy record in 2019, he attempted to stop wrongful death legal proceedings by declaring bankruptcy, listing Fattorini’s family as a creditor. But now FACTZ has obtained information that a flurry of legal activity is sweeping the courts with the avenger-ment of Kim’s death (hopefully) imminent.

A legal source not affiliated with the case tells FACTZ: “Wrongful death actions seek monetary compensation for the survivors’ loss. The Fattaroni’s lawsuit seeks compensation from multiple defendants, and is still highly active in the discovery phase of the case. Hearings are scheduled into 2023, so unless there is a monetary settlement of some sort that resolves the entire matter, the Fattorini’s will be seeking a monetary judgment following a trial.”

I will not drag out this broken record since many of the players involved have profited tremendously off Kim Fattorini’s death. If you are new to the game, here is the link.

Kim Fattorini died unjustly. Here are her last documented words:

“But Your friend just poor’d half G in my drink And I have never Don’t go to sleep come Check on mr llllllllllllqlqllqllll Me when you can”

“G” is an abbreviation for gamma-hydroxybutyrate (referred to as “GHB”). It is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. It is a popular drug for use in lowering women’s inhibitions and facilitating sexual assault due to its rapid onset, disinhibitory and amnestic effects, and immediate clearance from blood and urine, making the drug difficult to detect.

And for those of you who want to read the conversation between the villains involved, just the FACTZ:

To the culprits involved, you can run, pretend to promote fights, do porn, etc., whatever you think will make this “I know what you did last summer” sequel go away in your mind. To the Fattorini family, keep fighting we stand behind you.

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  • Good to see someone has not forgotten this as he sits & lives in this life as a wellness saint and thinks everyone has forgotten what he did. You see you can’t just be an accessory to murder and then think that everything goes away. Karma always finds you no matter how much of a “mask” you wear.

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