Tao Group Lawyers The Fuck Up for Merriman Trial

Looks like a civil war is brewing. Tao Group’s Highlight Room has been named as a defendant in the wrongful death lawsuit against club promoter Eli Wehbe and future hall of fame NFL star, lights-out (literally) Shawne Merriman—who are both claiming Kim Fattorini took drugs at the Highlight Room, and that’s why she died. Yes, that is their defense.

FACTZ reached out to Tao Group for a statement:

“We do not comment on pending litigation matters,” a Tao Group spokesperson told FACTZ.

For tourism purposes: “The Highlight Room is an 11,000-square-foot, rooftop venue that occupies the entire top floor of Dream Hollywood. The space is positioned 10 stories high with unobstructed, 360-degree views of Los Angeles, ranging from the famed Hollywood Sign and surrounding Hollywood Hills to the skyline of Downtown.” 

A legal source close to FACTZ says that out of all the defendants listed—Shawne Merriman; Monica Maass; Elias Wehbe; and J.P. Castro—presumably Tao Group’s Highlight Room has the most insurance and therefore is named in the case to bolster the settlement for the family’s personal inquiry claim.

What is tickling my fancy, why are Tao Group owners still following and liking Shawne Merriman’s photos on Instagram? Very poor taste if you ask anyone in the world. And if this trial is not a big deal since you have done nothing wrong, why hire 300 lawyers like Sparta!

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