MTV Jesse Reveals Why he Sold NELK Boys

Jesse took to YouTube to reveal the long-sought answers fans have been clamoring for.

In the vid, Jesse explains that he did indeed sell NELK and Fullsend – he’s no longer associated with either company.

“It’s crazy, I mean – like you guys know, me and Kyle started this like seven years ago. This was the baby and it was a crazy journey, man. We did a lot of shit. It’s sad that it’s coming to an end, but it was definitely needed. It was due. It was almost due awhile ago. We just had creative differences and shit.”

He added, “The past is the past, there’s no bad blood… Just ready for a fresh start.”

Jesse explains that he’s grateful to be able to take care of people, and that his passion is product development – and he’s enjoying creating something new with his new brand, Sunday. “I love this shit, this is what I love doing.” And he loves directing and producing on-camera talent.

He calls Sunday a network and venture studio (product development company).

The rest of the video is walking fans through what Sunday is working on.

While Jesse didn’t share any nitty gritty details that fans may want, it’s clear that there’s a clean cut with Fullsend and NELK – and everyone’s playing nice.

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