Meta Canceled Job Offers Weeks Before International Engineers Planned to Move to Start Work

It’s the newest heartbreaking story in a long line of canceled job offers from Meta.

In the past few weeks, news broke that Meta canceled internship offers without warning, leaving many people high and dry after turning down other opportunities to keep their schedules open to start with Meta.

And now, several international engineers found themselves out of luck with just weeks left before they were to start their new jobs in London with Meta.

One North African Tech worker told Business Insider that he was packed and ready to move for a “life-changing opportunity” when Meta suddenly pulled the rug out from under him. “There was nothing that suggested they were rethinking their decision, so it came as a shock. They called me on a Monday, and my flight was supposed to be on Friday.”

He was part of a small group of engineers who had been offered jobs with the tech giant only to find offers canceled at the last minute.

Meta has been canceling job offers and contracting its workforce size as word comes that the company is suffering staggering stock losses.


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