Meta Cancels Internship Offers as Mark Zuckerberg Tries to Plug Financial Hemorrhages

Facebook’s parent company Meta seems like an untouchable behemoth capable of weathering any storm.

Of course, one storm they never considered having to survive: Mark Zuckerberg himself.

But Zuckerberg’s dogged obsession with creating the Metaverse, combined with Apple snatching advertising money right out from under him, has led to a company with tanking stocks and a financial bleed.

In the newest effort of Zuckerberg to cut costs, #Meta has rescinded internship offers from candidates who were supposed to start in the next few months.

It’s a sign that Zuckerberg will do anything to fix Meta’s woes – except, of course, give up on his dream of creating a virtual alternate reality for the world to live in.

And the move isn’t cost-free: interns who accepted Meta spots turned down other opportunities and now feel like they’ve been left to twist in the wind. One person who said his internship offer was rescinded wrote on LinkedIn, “I changed plans and discarded other offers for 2023 due to this offer, so if anyone can help me with another opportunity for the next year, I would be glad to apply. Sometimes life is not fair, and unexpected things happen.”

Smooth, Zuck.