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Lizzo Performing at O2 Arena Leaving Nothing to the Imagination

FACTZ always wondered if Lizzo had a tattoo. I guess that answers that. The office pool is officially over. Lizzo is on tour, and here she is last night performing at the O2, and we wanted to share the amazing Read More…


Kim Kardashian Looks Miserable in London

Kim Kardashian is across the pond and has already adapted to the emotions of a true Brit. The Queen of America gave no fucks as she embraced her smug style, and as you can see, she is not a London Read More…


Calvin Harris Spotted Sporting Plaid in London

FACTZ caught Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris in London, looking boring in black and plaid. Harris’s London outing comes amid news that he will perform at Glastonbury 2023 and All Points East 2023. And the superstar DJ recently announced Read More…


Four Day Work Weeks Are So Successful that Businesses Trialing Them Won’t Go Back to Five

In the UK, dozens of companies took part in the world’s largest trial of a four-day work week. And it was so successful that the vast majority of companies who gave it a try won’t be going back to five-day Read More…


These are the Things You Should Know in Your 20’s About Dating Men

Influencer ‘Bambi’ is dropping a list of things she wishes she knew in her 20s about dating boys. The list is kinda funny – but full of truths: “Office hot”: This is the concept that a co-worker looks better than Read More…


Artist Sneaks Painting into Gallery to Prove that Modern Art is Meaningless

UK-based artist Criatura wants people to understand that some modern art is meaningless. To prove his point, the artist created an image of a tentacle with the words “this has no meaning” printed above it. He then snuck the image Read More…

FACTZ Caught Lizzo and Boyfriend Myke Wright Holding Hands in London, U.K.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Lizzo and her boyfriend, Myke Wright. It’s good to see real love today. Gentlemen, please hold your girls’ hand tonight and never let go! Love is love.


DJ Booth Goes Up in Flames in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Customers at the Arcadian Restaurant & Cafe in Birmingham, United Kingdom, had major pyro-problems this weekend. FACTZ has been told, ”The cause was a fire sparkler in an alcoholic drink lighting decorations behind the DJ.” That’s one way to bring Read More…


Brexit Costs UK $124B a Year in Lost Output

It’s been three years since Britain split from the European Union, and things are exactly as grim as skeptics promised they would be. Actually, it’s worse – with an estimated $124B in lost output each year. Bloomberg Economics ran an Read More…


Netflix Denies Accusations that Contestants on ‘Squid Game: the Challenge’ Sustained Cold Weather Injuries

“Squid Game: The Challenge” is a new unscripted series based on Netflix’s mega-hit, “Squid Game.” But now, Netflix is fending off accusations that contestants on the show were injured while filming during a cold snap in the UK. The Sun Read More…