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CJ So Cool Weighs in On Mr Beast’s Shoes

FACTZ asked YouTuber CJ So Cool about his thoughts on “charity porn” and the Mr. Beast phenomenon. Mr. Beast has been criticized for profiting off the appearance of charity – i.e. giving stuff away to seem like a nice guy Read More…


YouTube Banning All Content Creators with Ties to or Mentions of ‘Steve Willdoit’

In a landmark move, YouTube has confirmed to FACTZ that ‘Steve Willdoit‘ of the Nelk Boys is off-limits. The video social media platform seems to have a personal vendetta against Stephen Deleonardis. FACTZ asked, “why?” YouTube rep, “Stephen violated our Read More…

Mr. Beast’s Latest Youtube Video Cures Blindness for Over 1,000 People

The biggest star on Youtube, Mr. Beast, cured over 1,000 people by paying for their eye surgery. Mr. Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, did a new video on his page for his 130 million subscribers and worked alongside a non-profit Read More…