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CJ So Cool Weighs in On Mr Beast's Shoes



CJ So Cool Weighs in On Mr Beast’s Shoes

FACTZ asked YouTuber CJ So Cool about his thoughts on “charity porn” and the Mr. Beast phenomenon.

Mr. Beast has been criticized for profiting off the appearance of charity – i.e. giving stuff away to seem like a nice guy while making money in the process.

CJ So Cool Says He is a Believer in the Police After Brutal Home Invasion

CJ says that he does a lot of the same stuff Mr. Beast does, but on a smaller scale, so he stands by the mega-influencer. “You really can’t fault the guy; he’s making a change,” he adds.

CJ recently suffered a brutal home invasion where he was shot three times and has come back better than ever – telling FACTZ that he started his own shoe brand, and it’s part of his plans for the future.

CJ So Cool

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