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Report Concludes that COVID Leaked from Chinese Lab

Ever since COVID-19 burst onto the scene in late 2019/early 2020, people have wondered where exactly it came from. We know cases first started spiking in Wuhan, China, but the answer as to the source of the virus remained somewhat Read More…


The New Service Animal is in Mass Production

The robot world is a lot closer than you think. China is ready to get its dogs out to the market, and its target consumer is the lonely American who needs a “service animal.” What China doesn’t understand is that Read More…


Audi Automobile Checks Out of Hotel in Shanghai, China

Beyond road rage, a customer wasn’t too happy, so he decided to take on a lobby redesign. A video that has gone viral shows a convertible Audi crashing through the front entrance of the Jinling Purple Mountain Hotel in Shanghai, Read More…