Twitter adds Verified Blue Checks to Accounts of Dead Celebrities, Making Them Look Like Subscribers

In the newest episode of, “What can Elon Musk do today to turn Twitter on its ass?” the social media company is adding verified check marks to the accounts of dead celebrities.

It appears to be an effort to promote Twitter Blue subscriptions.

Among the celebrities who have received post-humous marks are Kobe Bryant, Anthony Bourdain, Chadwick Boseman and Michael Jackson.

Their accounts now say that they’ve bought a Twitter Blue subscription, and verified their phone numbers. Which, of course Twitter, we all know they can’t do.

Musk could be desperate to drum up subscribers, although the morality and ethics (and legality) of the move are certainly questionable.

Twitter Blue costs $8 per month, and few new people have subscribed since it relaunched, bringing the total of people who pay for the check mark up to less than 600,000.

But the posthumous Twitter Blue badges could violate laws that protect people from false endorsements. In California, for instance, any person who uses a deceased personality’s name, voice, signature or likeness – in any manner – for purposes of advertising or selling products, goods, or services, without consent from the person is liable for $750 or the amount of actual damages sustained, whichever is greater.

It could also spark an FTC investigation into deceptive trade practices.

When Business Insider prompted Twitter for an explanation via email, Twitter’s press team responded with a poop emoji.

Nothing says, “everything’s fine,” like a professionally endorsed poop emoji.

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