Tom Hardy Breaks Silence in 007 Casting Rumors

The speculation over who will be the next James Bond has reached a fever pitch.

The last Bond, Daniel Craig, retired after the release of “No Time to Die,” his fifth movie in the franchise.

And many are wondering who he will pass the torch on to.

Current odds favor one Tom Hardy (although he’s not the frontrunner), best known in recent years for his role as the titular character of Venom in the Marvel series.

The Daily Beast questioned Hardy about his potential to replace Craig, and he was evasive about an answer.

“There’s a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting that if you talk about [playing James Bond], you’re automatically out of the race.” He apologized and added, “So I can’t possibly comment on that one!”

Ladbrokes has his odds at 15/2. And that aforementioned frontrunner? Rege-Jean Page has an impressive 3/1 on becoming the next Bond.

Henry Cavill (“Superman” and “The Witcher”) comes in at 7/2.