SKIMS Under Fire for Targeting Obese Women

SKIMS is going viral for the wrong reasons #TortillaChipGate is trending over the new #SKIMS bathing suit, which is supposed to be a clothing symbol of body positivity.

The winter SKIMS campaign shared by Kim Kardashian was a page out of Victoria’s Secret 2022 marketing campaign (which failed). However, sources tell FACTZ the entire suit is a ploy to help the Kardashians grow on TikTok.

Controversy is king on social media, and Kim K has been desperate to get attention on TikTok lately, so it makes sense. Even famous podcaster Brianna LaPaglia of the Plan Bri Podcast and BFFs called out Kim K for her recent full-force content.


FACTZ spoke with a former ALO marketing manager, and she told us, “The entire product is a ruse. The cost of the material is next to nothing. SKIMS is targeting heavier-set women knowing full well that’s not their demographic. It’s pretty insulting that they believe everyone is this stupid.”


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