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Hailey Bieber in the Best Mood Ever

FACTZ is predicting that Hailey Bieber will continue to look miserable with ‘bitch face’ until 2025. We got these images of Hailey wearing normal-sized clothes but still looking miserable as AF, which makes no sense since Selena Gomez wrote a Read More…


Distance Makes the Hearts Grow Fonder in Bieber Land

FACTZ caught pictures today of the lovely Biebers crossing the street, and it was one of the most awkward strolls in marriage history. Justin Bieber looks so dejected; it’s like his dog died. JB get it together; she is your Read More…


Scott Disick Is Anti-Ozempic

FACTZ caught Lord Scott Disick killing time at a jewelry store in Calabasas, California. As you can see, the Lord is not on Ozempic like all his best friends and others he knows in the Armenian community. Disick believes in Read More…


People Who Shop at Erewhon are Extra AF

People who shop at Erewhon better make a cool million a year, according to a new TikTok. Eggs in a circle, and actual honeycomb? I’ll take it. A $27 taco and 9.5 hours of shopping? I’ll take it. But you’d Read More…


Hailey Bieber Showing FACTZ Fans her Stomach in the Cold Rain

Hailey Bieber is not letting the rain or pregnancy rumors get to her. FACTZ caught the model running errands today, and she looks good in the abdominal area. Obviously this doesn’t confirm or deny that she has a baby inside Read More…


Kim Kardashian is Still Going Through the Front Door

This youth basketball season has been brutal for #Kimye (is that still a name). Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West have used the local youth basketball facility as their personal pressers. This makes you wonder if this is safe Read More…


The Other Angle of Kanye West’s Attack on Paps

Here is another angle FACTZ received of the Kanye West meltdown. And to give West what he wants, we’ve decided to list out his demands: Ye has the right to go to his son’s game without everyone running up on Read More…


SKIMS Under Fire for Targeting Obese Women

SKIMS is going viral for the wrong reasons #TortillaChipGate is trending over the new #SKIMS bathing suit, which is supposed to be a clothing symbol of body positivity. The winter SKIMS campaign shared by Kim Kardashian was a page out Read More…


Kanye West Confronts Independent Paparazzo

Kanye West is back in Cali with his new wife. Ye, for the record, this is not our guy, but he secretly recorded your conversation, and it leaked on TikTokĀ (open-source content through China). If you really want to understand how Read More…


Fans Question: Are the Kardashian-Jenners Targeting Natural Women for Profit, While Buying More Plastic to Create Fake Personas?

The fans are turning on the Kardashian-Jenners … honestly I’ve never seen anything like this. Yeah, they have millions upon millions of followers, but FACTZ does not see anyone showing these ladies compassion. And when any celebrity tries to accept Read More…