Politico and The New York Times REFUSE to Pay $1,000 a Month to Regain Their Verified Blue Badge on Twitter

The New York Times had their verified blue check removed on Sunday and says that they will not pay $1,000 a month to get it back.

A spokesperson for the Times explains, “We also will not reimburse reporters for Twitter Blue for personal accounts, except in rare instances where this status would be essential for reporting purposes.”

Politico has also said they will not pay for a checkmark.

While Elon Musk seems happy to remove their verified statuses and continue to rail against the media, it presents somewhat of a pickle for Musk’s liability. If people can convincingly imitate large media outlets and spread false information, it places Twitter squarely in the crosshairs of an already litigious Congress that is trying to crack down on security risks from social media companies.